About TTM


Taught by both Grandmothers and my Mama when I was 6 years old, I started sewing and practicing needlework at a very young age. 

It wasn't until my late twenties that I took it up and fell in love with creating magic on a sewing machine all over again. Despite a crazy, chaotic, wouldn't-trade-it-for-anything home life with 4 kids and a hubby, I haven't stopped since!

There's something about the feeling of seeing a design in your head and watching it come to life at your very fingertips. Designing clothes has been a passion of mine for a long time and now I can add a little magic to you and your family's wardrobes as well!

All my items are handmade by me so if you need to contact me for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • Custom Pieces
  • Questions
  • Fabric Availability 
  • Expedited Shipping

please send an email with as much information as possible to:


Thank you for all your support, I look forward to working with you!